I made it back home safe and sound. I’m in Seattle now where the temperature is 57 degrees F and the skies are mostly sunny (well, the clouds are rolling in as I type). It rained on me the other day and I liked it. A lot. It’s awesome to be here.

I was met on Thursday at the airport by my amazing wife to be Alexis and the reunion was obviously a very happy one. As I watched her drive up to the curb, I was jumping up and down. That night, after a proper in-bed reunion, we went out for dinner to my favorite Thai restaurant (Thai Toms for those keeping track) and then slept for 12 hours (the flight from Auckland was long and I couldn’t sleep). The rest of the weekend was a lot of slacking about, sleeping and in and being welcomed home. Saturday night, Lex and my best friend Dayna threw me a surprise party at Penny and Bradley’s house. It was really nice to have all my closest friends gathered in one place for me so I could say hello to them all. It made me wonder why I had ever left.

Each morning now I wake up next to the woman I love and know that I am more than happy to be here as opposed to there. The South Pole was an amazing experience and I am going to be forever grateful that I had it, but to be honest as possible, I am glad it’s over. My life is meant to be lived in a place that I can leave whenever I want and which gives me plenty of options for things to do. I needed what Pole gave me, but I got it and now I’ll use it here thank you very much.

I’ll be getting some pictures up on my site here soon enough, but for all intents and purposes, this blog is done. I am not though and I hope that the readers I picked up as a result of this adventure will stay around and keep up on what I am doing. After all, in the next few months I am getting married. That should be as adventerous as the south pole, at least. right?

So please, keep an eye on CharlesRedell.com which is being turned into a portal into my life, complete with blog and pictures. And remember to say hi from time to time!

Thanks for reading and thank you for all your comments and words of encouragement during my dark times at Pole. I couldn’t have made it through without writing all this down and I doubt I would have written it if someone hadn’t been there to read it.