Probably no audience left

I know I know, it has been all too long since I wrote. But you have to understand, time here is short and there is no motivation left to do anything anymore. I leave on Monday, the temperature has plummeted and satellite times are miniscule for me now since it sets an hour after I start work and comes up just before bed time. So it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s just that there’s not that much to say.

The end of the season is a long part of this experience. It’s been dragging on since first flight which was on Jan. 24. When the first wave of friends left us, we all lost focus and decided that being here any longer was stupid. Of course, at that point, there was 10 days till the next big wave of us left so moods plummeted, alcohol consumpiton went way up and organized activities dissapeared. It didn’t help at all that at that time, when many of us started planning travels in earnest, that the company decided to finally tell us that though they advertised no-fee travel to places like Australia and Hawaii after we got off the ice, a small subset of us wouldn’t get that perk because they bought us tickets with restrictions that made changing tickets cost a lot more. Oh, and though Raytheon didn’t read the fine print on the tickets and DID advertise the prices to us, we’d be responsible for the extra costs.

Needless to say I spent a week fighting with the office in Denver where they live in a little bubble with no conception of how little we make and the fact that the reason we are all here is travel, not devotion to them. It was a fruitless battle though and since I already had paid for the dive vacation in Australia, I have been forced to pay twice what I expected to get there. good thing I got a good deal on the dive package.

Anyway, now it’s on to New Zealand on Monday where it is 100 degrees warmer than it is here and raining. God that sounds nice to me. Actual moisture in the air and on my skin. My plan is to spend a week in Christchurch taking long showers that I don’t shut off in the middle (we only get two two-minute showers here a week) walking in the botanical gardens smelling things (no moisture means no smells in the air here) and having a choice of what I eat and where I eat it. From there I will fly to Cairns, Australia where I get on a boat and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef for a week. Then back to CHC for two days and then I fly home on March 1 to start planning a wedding in earnest. I can’t wait for all of it.

But I have to and so do you. I doubt I’ll post again before I leave. Between work (which is busy at the end of the week, thank god) and packing and short satellite windows, it just won’t happen. But I’ll take pictures on the planes on the way out and write of life from warm, wet New Zealand when I get there. Until then, thanks for staying with me and wish me luck for the next few days. I need all the encouragement I can get to keep me from just giving up on work and watching movies till Monday.

3 thoughts on “Probably no audience left”

  1. Yes, there is some audience left! I have REALLY enjoyed your blogs. My son, Rob is a GA at McMurdo… (he was at the Pole over Christmas.) It’s been wonderful to get a real feel for life there thanks to your honest writing. I’ve been pulling for you all season. Best of luck with the next phase of your adventures.

  2. Two things -
    1. We need a better Exit Entry then that.
    2.You have to keep going silly – you wouldn’t stop almost at the summit of a mountain would you?
    Keep plugging – you will be duly rewarded and much cleaner in NZ
    love you

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