What is this all about?

The South Pole. It doesn’t get any more southern than that. It also doesn’t get any drier or any more remote. It’s the bottom of the world, it’s a huge, cold desert and it’s going to be my home from October 2006 until February 2007. Why? Because I got a job working as the Senior materialsperson in the kitchen at The South Pole and if I stayed in Seattle, it’d be a hell of a commute.

Living and working at the pole (or simply “Pole” as us “Polies” call it) is sure to present some unique challenges, some unique fun and a lot of time on my hands, hence, this blog. On it, I’ll write about my life at Pole, both on the clock and off, and when I leave it, I’ll keep writing here about my further travels through SE Asia (that’s the plan for now at least).

Oh, and the monster part? Well, it’s a nickname of mine and it seemed approriate even though there’s no native life of any kind at the pole because I’m convinced that at such a remote outpost, there MUST be monsters.

One thought on “What is this all about?”

  1. dudeman, you’ve arrived.

    one piece of advice: collect as many full cans of soda as you can in a sack. when matt bullies you, you can use it on him as a weapon.

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