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You’ve made it to the place where I showcase all the pictures I am taking down here on the bottom of the world. Welcome. Below you’ll find links to a variety of different photo albums, each with a different subject. Some of them will be pretty static as they revolve around just one event (like the walk I took to ObHill) others will update periodically (like the one linking to Antarctic Friends) so check those from time to time. I’ll also note when each is updated, if I can.

  • CHC Botanic Gardens - A Walk throigh the botanic gardens in Christchurch, at 8:30 AM, the day before Ice flight.
  • Deployment Day - Sights from the trip South to the Ice, from pre-boarding to arrival.
  • Walk up Ob Hill – Views from the peak just outside of town.
  • Around Mac Town – This is just a bunch of random shots I took during my time through McMurdo.
  • Halloween in Antarctica – A big ol’ Haloween party at McMurdo Station. The costumes were amazing, the party was a good old fashion hootenany!
  • Random Shots Around the Station – Here’s a collection of some of the random things that I see on a daily basis at the bottom of the world. It’s not a big collection, I’ll probably expand it one of these days.
  • Thanksgiving in Antarctica - Thanksgiving here was celebrated on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend but everything got started with the potato peeling party on Wednesday night.
  • Snow Stakes – A trip at the beginning of December with the Met Team to measure snow accumulation on the Polar Plateau. We were 20 KM out from the station. Check out some video footage too.
  • Toga Party – Yup, that’s right, a friend and I threw a good old fashioned, hedonistic Toga Party. Yes, at the South Pole. Yes, we had to go outside in sheets to get to the bathroom. Yes, there was a stripper pole. Yes, it was a blast.

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  1. Charlie ,Am loving looking at all your pictures. Would actually love to be there myself. Just one question re your flight–what did the the “cabib” class of that plane look like?


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